Your Every Day Market and Cafe

Start your day at Epicuse with breakfast; whether on the run, lingering before heading to the office., 
or a mid-morning brunch meeting. 

Satisfy your lunchtime hunger pains and embrace the joy of craveworthy variety.

Pause at the end of your workday with friends to share a cheese & charcuterie board 
or other tantelizing pre-dinner munching and cocktailing. 

Take home dinner (or stay with us for dinner) with our prepared entrees and sides. 

If you like to cook let us lend a hand to your meal prep with menu ideas and the ingredients
to take home and whip in under 30 minutes. 

Late night at the office? Epicuse has wholesome, satisfying meals at the ready
so you can go home, put your feet up and chill.

Whatever your reason, come enjoy the many flavors of Epicuse!