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Apothecary Chocolates

Our studio kitchen houses chocolatiers that use all natural & organic ingredients that create intriguing small batch handmade artisan inspired flavors. 

Our Signature Collection is made of Premium Fair Trade Belgian 70.5% Dark Chocolate. Each bar is blended with a unique combination of adaptogenic herbs and antioxidant rich fruits infused with flavor profiles to promote a sense of well-being with every bite.

Ruby couverture is made from ruby cacao beans. This beautiful confection is designed for the top art of chocolate making and fine pastry. This professional grade couverture confection is designed specifically with the innovative foodie in mind.

Made in Colton NY | woman owned | hand crafted | small batch | social good

A Wink of Pink: ruby couverture, coca nibs +$9Beauty: dark chocolate, collagen, goji berry +$9Brain: dark chocolate, blueberry, maca, gingko biloba +$9Communication: dark chocolate, peppermint +$9Confidence: dark chocolate, toasted coconut, tumeric +$9Creativity: dark chocolate, blood orange +$9Crimson Cherry: milk chocolate with dried cherries +$9Grace Under Fire: ruby couverture, pink peppercorns, ground gloves +$9Lemon Pistachio: white chocolate, pistachios, sea salt, lemon +$9Sex: dark chocolate, cherry, shilajit, schisamdra berry +$9Hot Sex: dark chocolate, cherry, hot chili, chilijit, schisandra berry +$9Thank You: milk & dark chocolate +$9Whiskey Sour: bourbon barrel maple syrup wrapped in milk chocolate with a twist of lemon +$9

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