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Calicutts Spice Company

Small Batch Artisan Spice Blends

Based in small town Pennsylvania, our team sources, grinds, and hand mixes familiar-yet-surprising spice blends that take meals from mundane to memorable.

Crafted in Bowmansdale, PA

Calicutts Autumn Harvest Blend (think apple pie) +$9Calicutts Baltimore Blend +$9Calicutts Cajun Blackened +$9Calicutts Basil +$6Calicutts Cilantro +$9Calicutts Chipotle & Honey +$9Calicutts Cinnamon +$9Calicutts Cumin +$9Calicutts Curry Powder +$10Calicutts Everyday Spice Blend +$9Calicutts Everything Blend +$9Calicutts Fire Salt +$9Calicutts Garden Citrus Blend +$9Calicutts Herbs de Provence Blend +$9Calicutts Herb Blend +$9Calicutts Lavender +$9Calicutts Mediterranean Blend +$9Calicutts Montreal Blend +$9Calicutts North African Harissa +$9Calicutts Oregano +$9Calicutts Savory Blend +$9Calicutts Smoked Paprika +$9Calicutts Ranch Blend +$10Calicutts Salt & Pepper Blend +$10Calicutts Thai Si Racha Blend +$9Calicutts Thyme +$9Calicutts Vermont Maple +$9Calicutts White Peppercorn +$10

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