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Cheese Tasting


Aged Mimolette, France
electric-orange craggy appearance with a sweet, caramelized depth and smooth, fudgy finish
Parmesan-Reggiano, Italy
sharp, complex fruity and nutty taste with a strong savory flavor and a slightly gritty texture
Prairie Breeze Aged Cheddar, Wisconsin
sweeter than your typical cheddar with lots of flavor, crumbly yet creamy with a little crunch
Singleton's Stripey Jack, England
5 layers of the English cheddars: Lancashire, White Cheshire, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, Wensleydale
Tomme de Savoie Chabert, Switzerland
pungent rind with soft interior that is sweet upfront, with sour citrusy notes on the end

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon, California
nutty and brown buttery up front with a long caramel finish
Cypress Gove Bermuda Triangle, California
tart, tangy, and peppery with a rind that makes for a stunning presentation. 
Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog, California
creamy and filled with character, the famous Fog offers up floral notes
herbaceous overtones, and a clean citrus finish
Cypress Grove Purple Haze, California
lavender and fennel combine to deliver an unexpected blend of floral and herbal notes

Gran Val DOP Manchego, Spain
mild flavor, with a slight briny nuttiness and sweetness