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Chocolate Pizza Company

Chocolate Pizza Company's gourmet chocolate specialties have been a favorite for business and personal occasions for over three decades. Owner Ryan Novak, started working here when he was 15, mopping floors and washing dishes but dreaming of one day taking the company to new heights. In 2010, at age 21, that dream of owning the business became reality. Today, he's transformed a small town chocolate shop into an emerging national brand. 

Featured in major magazines like People, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Chief Executive and nationally on Hallmark Channel, CNBC, Food Network, Discovery Channel, CMT, NBC, ABC and internationally on Discovery Channel India and Food Network Canada, their signature and trademarked Chocolate Pizza® and Peanut Butter Wings® leads a line-up of over 100 treats that are unique, delicious, impressive. Made in USA | Made in Central New York | Hand-crafted | Social Good

Peanut Butter Wings (milk or dark) $10.95Chocolate Pizza: Nut Topped $6.95Chocolate Pizza: Candy Topped (chocolate or peanut butter) $6.95Chocolate Pizza: Avanlanch $8.95Mini Pizza (chocolate or nut topped) $2.99Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rod $2.50Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Rod $3Chocolate Covered Cream Cookie (vanilla, mint or peanut butter) $1.25Drumsticks (milk or dark chocolate) $3.99

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