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Dequmana Olives

These Spanish olives are cured the natural and traditional way with just water and salt. The olives are hand harvested and processed in small batches in barrels to ensure the highest quality product. No dyes, preservatives or overwhelming vinegar to get in the way of your taste buds.

Arbequina olives, cured for 3-4 months, are firm and loaded with the buttery flavor characteristic of this small olive with a high oil content. The Black empeltre olive, picked ripe and cured for 12-14 months due to a higher sugar content, is tender and has a slightly sweet flavor. The enormous gordal olive is firm and succulent. The Mixed Olives with Herbs is a perfect combination of hojiblanca, gordal, cuquillo, and arbequina olives, herbs and natural red pepper following a traditional recipe used in Andalucian homes each year upon the arrival of the harvest.

Arbequina Olives 12 oz +$7.20Black Empeltre Olive 12 oz +$7.20Gordal Olives 12 oz +$7.20Mixed Olives & Herbs 12 oz +$7.20

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