Grand Mayan Silver

Made from 100% estate grown Weber Blue agave from the Lowland region, and natural spring water. The spirit is slow distilled three times and bottled in a hand-made ceramic talavera bottle crafted by Mexican artists. Each decanter bakes for 8 hours before it is hand painting and numbered.  

The aroma is fresh roasted herbal agave, vanilla, cream, and citrus with a mint backing. The sweet and citrus entry has a soft and creamy mouth feel with vanilla cream and lime flavor. Agave with chocolate and caramel arrive at the midpoint followed by spearmint. The fade is semidry and oily with gentle warmth. It finishes semidry, bittersweet, and mineral, with lime peel, green vegetation, and mint toothpick taste and a sprinkle of pepper. Grand Mayan Silver Tequila has more going for it than just its pretty bottle. What’s inside is pretty special too.

Sipping 2 Finger Pour $14Bottle $85