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Jar Goods Tomato Sauce

When we started Jar Goods a few years ago, I had been doing a lot of vegetable gardening.

The closer I got to my food, the more I thought about entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency. I wanted to write my own narrative in life. I wanted to start a food business.

Concurrently, like it is for most, life was busy. I was constantly turning to my father-in-law's regionally famous tomato sauce recipe to make dinner quickly. I used it for everything, from cassoulet to ratatouille to pizza. I wondered why more people didn't use tomato sauce beyond pasta. Ours is so good, and good for so much more!

Made in Glen Rock NJ | Woman Owned | Small Batch | Eco-frienldy | Social Good

Classic Red Tomato Sauce $8.19Classic Spicy Tomato Sauce $8.19Vegan Vodka-Style Tomato Sauce $8.19

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