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Karma Sauce

Karma Sauce specializes in handcrafting minimally processed sauces in small batches from the highest quality ingredients. Karma Sauce grows many of our ingredients on our Burning Springs Farm in Bristol, NY. Everything grown on the farm is processed and filled by hand at the Karma Sauce factory in downtown Rochester, NY. The small-but-mighty Karma team is involved in every aspect of the cycle from farm to kettle to bottle to you.

Made in Rochester NY | small batch | social good | eco-friendly

It's Tuesday Somewhere Taca Sauce +$7Smokey Karm (mild) +$7Huhu Pina (mild) +$7Good Karma (mild) +$7Bad Karma (Hot) +$7Burn After Eating (Hot) +$7Cherry Bomb (hot) +$7Funken Hot (hot) +$7Extreme Karma (X hot) +$7Ahes 2 Ashes (xxx hot) +$7

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