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Liokareas Olive Oil

Liokareas has been pressing the best Greek Olive Oil you can actually get your taste buds on for more than five generations. We’re real. We’re honest. And, we don’t take ourselves so seriously. But we are serious about Greek. Extra-Virgin. And Olive Oil. And yes, we are super serious about the awards we win. 

By only old-world means and simple hand tools, every olive in our ultra-premium organic extra virgin olive oil and first-pressed specialty oils is pampered, picked and pressed on our family-owned orchard in the foothills of Southern Kalamata Greece. Every flavor in every bottle is from the land we love. So, try it. We think you’ll taste the land — and the love — in each precious drop.

made in Greece

Early Harvest EVOO 8.45 oz +$16.99Wild EVOO 8.45 oz +$16.99
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