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Sweet on Chocolate

Established in 1993, Sweet on Chocolate has gained a reputation for producing the highest quality, handmade chocolates in Central New York. Sweet on Chocolate's confections have reached national acclaim and have even been enjoyed internationally.

Building off that delicious reputation, we strive to continue to produce top tier chocolates but with new flair, flavors, and techniques. Introducing seasonal items and limited edition flavors, our rotating menu keeps our chocolates fun, fresh, and always the best.

Made in Syracuse NY | Handmade | Small Batch

Sesame & Caramel (milk chcolate, toasted sesame seeds, oozy caramel) $8Praline Pecan (milk chocolate, praline pecans, cinnamon) $8Thai Ginger (dark chocolate, candied ginger, coconut, curry powder) $8Holy Moly (dark chocolate, Mexican spice blend) $8Orange & Pistachio (dark chocolate, candied orange, pistachio, cardamom) $8Toffee Coffee (milk chocolate, toffee bits, espresso beans) $8Cherry Almond (dark chocolate) vegan $8Old Fashioned (dark chocolate, dried cherries, candied orange, maple sugar) $8Roasted Almond & Sea Salt (dark chocolate) vegan $8Birthday Cake (white chocolate, vanilla cake flavor, sprinkles) $8

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